A Focus On The Listener – GAMPSISS RASL – Performance @ PAN ’19
A Focus On The Listener – GAMPSISS RASL
Imagine *Illustration

What?! Trump and Lennon; A​​ twisted image representing two of the most influential ​and contradicting ​​people kissing.

A ‘copy’ influenced on the work #EVIDENCE by Anouk Kruithof, erasing 25 leaders responsible for the worst genocides ever committed.
Save The Children – NRC Charity Awards ’18

Worldwide, the basic needs of children are taken away by poverty, conflicts or natural disasters. The lack of a complete base deprives children on the right to grow up healthy, to develop themselves and to feel safe. Save the Children helps children in need so that every child gets a fair chance in this world. Do you also contribute to a better future for children? Go to savethechildren.nl and donate!
Save The Children – NRC Charity Awards ’18
Healing Through Stories is a project about Cultural Diversity and embodied trauma. Together with Evaluna van Stigt Thans, Sami Martins Ribeiro and Charretee Mijnhals, we created a Zine full of exercises, gained knowledge and literature references which you can use as a tool on your own healing journey.
*Open source, printable: https://perception.hotglue.me/?Healingthroughstories
#SHOUTOUT – CS Digital Media
ICON *Illustration

CPNB ’18
CPNB ’18

In a world full of new perspectives, I want to stimulate the Gen X to read books over feed.

Reveals animal cruelty by Culture Jamming the well-known hashtag metoo.


Detouring our dinner table habits by introducing the force-feeding machine. Inspired by the eating machine of Charlie Chaplin.
Booklet – Lieve, MISPOES
DOLLS – The Crystal Ship *http://instagram.com/thecrystalship_shop/
People of Berlin *Illustration on Perspex
Kids book *Illustration

A sustainable future scenario, cleaning the soil of the most polluted area’s of Rotterdam with the use of fungi (mycelium).
Europese Unie ’20 – Havas Lemz
Intro – Normal Is Over The Movie *https://normalisover.org

HEARS is a shared platform to speak up about the abuse of woman. You can listen to the stories of woman and be able join our forces by leaving your story in the form of a text or voice memo. Any kind of abuse, such as harassment, rape, objectifying, misogyny and catcalling can be mentioned.

What do we collect and why? 

HEARS collect voices that need to be heard. We believe that there are a lot of hidden stories about sexual abuse that need to be shared to collectively heal. We need to change the perception of normalising sexual objectifying woman, the abuse of woman and the stereotype roles we are still accepting as woman and man within the Dutch society.

HEARS want to stimulate conversation. Open up the eyes and ears of many. And release old embodied trauma. No taboos needed.